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Welcome to my website.

I graduated from university with an architecture degree, but the discipline and creativity that I mastered there led me elsewhere. I have co-founded and co-led several projects built at the crossroads of design and business.

I learned a lot while working on building the Grape festival brand, which brought me the Silver Nail Award and the European ADCE.

We founded the Bratiska brand – which is about our hometown – and is focused on stylish products supporting a healthy form of local pride. The brand is growing every year, and now it is expanding to neighbouring markets.

I run the Bless agency, where we help brands and projects achieve their goals.

In my free time, I devote myself to the Quality Slang leisure project, which focuses on the slang words of current generations. I also enjoy presenting the world around me in illustrations and art


A project about (not only) my city

In 2014, together with two friends, I founded the Bratiska brand about Bratislava. It was originally intended for a few acquaintances. We now do much more, but the goal is always the same. I am proud of my hometown and I love it. Bratiska supports a healthy sense of local pride with tasteful products featuring either the graphics of buildings and places from a number of designers or the simple inscriptions of city districts. In cooperation with non-profit organizations, we strive to build positive relationships across generations, parts of Slovakia, and nationalities.


An agency, where brands are made

I like working with brands and clients who understand the value of design and its important role in building and improving business. In the branding and content agency that I lead, we focus on a wide range of work. Above all, however, we either create new brands or improve old brands, products, and projects.



Works about music

The set of visuals and campaigns for the Grape music festival are works which I have matured with and learned a lot from and which have defined me as a designer and author. For seven years, I have been creating a new theme and visual identity every year across a range of technical solutions.

The making of Grape 2015

A brand identity Showcase


A project about our language

My leisure project is mapping contemporary Slovak slang. This is something which started completely spontaneously and is still evolving. I am currently building it on Instagram and I would like to publish it in book form, ultimately creating the first contemporary Slovak slang dictionary of the twenty-first century.


Works about my country

I am glad that I have had enough opportunities to transform my feelings about my country into various artworks.

Old Slovak paintings from the National Gallery Archive are shown on the album cover for Para, who are a local band. In the Nice Places series, I portray my favourite parts of Slovakia in a minimalist style.

A great experience was working on visuals and artistic solutions for a TV show about finding the greatest figure in Slovak history. There was a changing mosaic scene consisting of twelve thousand cups and hand-drawn graphics featuring national figures, and the presenters wore branded T-shirts during accompanying project activities.



Sharing experiences

I consider talking, discussing, and learning from each other as an essential part of my work, whether it's a TEDx talk or a university lecture.

A photo from the last event: IBM PRESENTS – DESIGN HEROES.

TEDx talk (youth) - 2015

Freetime artworks

Society and politics



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Pavol Bartoš

Pavol Bartoš

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Pavol Bartoš

Pavol Bartoš


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